A Peek at the Fun: Here’s a fun DIY gift for your neighbors this Christmas season-a cute Elf and Santa candy pot that is filled with candy. Grab a flower pot and paint and decorate it, then fill it with candy and it’s a great gift!

Our friend texted us the other day to show us the fun holiday crafts she’d been working on all day and we were both a little bit jealous of her fun day of working on a Christmas project! What’s better than listening to Christmas music or watching a fun holiday movie while working on something for the holidays in a warm, cozy house?

Fun projects at Christmas that you can sit down, dig into and spend a few hours enjoying are the best! And when you can take them to friends AND fill them with chocolate-even better! We had fun creating these cute Santa and Elf themed candy dishes made from flower pots.

Santa Themed Candy Dish

nd we think they make a perfect gift when you package them up with a cellophane bag and a tag:

Elf Themed Gift for Neighbors or Friends

It’s a perfect project for the holidays. You can use them as a gift and you could also use them as a candy dish at a party (like this one).



These are pretty easy to make! Here’s how.

Supplies Needed:

  • Flower pots (we got ours here)
  • Paint-you can use an All Purpose Craft Paint or a spray paint, whichever you prefer (affiliate link)
  • Paintbrush
  • Ribbon for Santa
  • Belt Embellishment for Santa-we found this in the sewing notions department
  • Red felt for Elf
  • Bells for Elf
  • Hot GlueInstructions:

    Start by painting your pots. They may need several coats. All these to dry completely.


    To make these, simply cut your ribbon a little bit longer than the diameter of the top of your pot. Slide your belt embellishment onto the ribbon and then glue your ribbon in place, overlapping just a little bit in the back.

    Santa Belt Candy Dish Gift for Neighbors and Friends

    Elf Pots:

    For the elf pots, cut your felt in a triangle pattern to make it the full length to fit around the top of the pot. If you need to you can piece together more than one piece of felt. Hot glue this in place. Then hot glue the bells to the end of each triangle.

    Elf Themed Candy Dish for the Holidays



    To make this a gift, simply put the candy in a cellophane bag and tie it with a bow and then add this cute tag:

    Free Printable Christmas Gift Tag


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