Easy DIY Nightstand With Hidden Compartment

Nightstands, end tables or bedside tables – whatever you call them – can be so versatile! You can use them in the bedroom or as an end table in the living room…

We needed a new nightstand in the master bedroom and it had to be a slim one.

So I built this!DIY nightstand with drawer and hidden storage

But I just had to add a little twist… or two!

First – there is a hidden compartment…

What would I use it for… not quite sure yet… Hidden compartment by opening top in DIY nightstand

The second… I did not use a single screw to assemble the body. The only screws used were for attaching the hidden compartment.

Which means… NO holes to fill!

And that I love!

*** Thank you to Rockler Woodworking and hardware for partnering with me for this project. All opinions are my own.***

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Materials to build the simple DIY nightstand

    • Lumber per the plans
    • Rockler Beadlock® Pro Joinery Kit
    • 3/8″ Beadlock® Tenon Stock
    • Wood glue
    • Clamps
    • Power drill
    • 10″ drawer slides
    • Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge Lid Support
    • Finish nails and finish nailer

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DIY Nightstand plans

You can download the plans by clicking the button below.

DIY nightstand with drawer and hidden storage

Below is the full video of the build! I have written step by step directions of the major steps below too!

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How to build the nightstand with a hidden compartment

I am listing below the major steps involved in building the nightstand. But I would urge you to watch the video to get a real feel for exactly what is involved in the build.


Start by cutting the 1×12 board per the plans – there are 2 sides, 2 shelves and 1 top.


The manual that comes with it has all the basic steps you need to know about using  Beadlock joinery.

Making holes in the edges is pretty straightforward and I just followed the instructions in the manual. Making holes for tenon stock to use with beadlock joinery

It gets a little complicated when you have to join the edge to a face of a board like for this project. Here is how you do that.

How to use the Beadlock Joinery to build nightstand –

  • Start by marking the locations for the tenons on both the boards.marking position of tenon for the beadlock joinery.
  • Disassemble the Beadlock Joinery Kit and take the jig off. Use a scrap wood as a guide, line it up on the side of the first board and clamp it. Then clamp the jig into place making sure the markings line up and drill.how to clamp beadlock joinery jig to create concealed joints for the nightstand with hidden compartment
  • You drill through the first three holes, then you turn the black knobs to release the hole jig, slide it over and drill through the first two holes. It creates a series of 5 holes joined together that fits the tenon stock.  See video for more details.
  • It gets a little more complicated when you need to make holes for the center shelf. Mark the center of the shelf and align the center line on the side of the jig to it. Then clamp a scrap board on both sides of the jig to make sure it doesn’t move.  Be sure to keep everything square and level!How to drill beadlock tenon holes in the center of a board for a DIY nightstand with hidden storage.


Once all the holes are made for the tenon stock, use wood glue and tenon stock to assemble the frame of the nightstand.

The tenon stock fit in very tightly and make a strong bond. Clamp and let dry overnight. Joining boards using tenon stock.


Build the drawer and compartment using wood glue and finish nails. I like to use the square clamping jig to make sure the drawers are square.  Let dry overnight. See more about how to easily build a perfect drawer and install. How to make a square drawer for the nightstand with drawer and hidden compartment


Once the frame, drawer and compartment are ready, install the drawer.

Then, attach the secret compartment to the top of the frame using wood glue and countersunk 1¼” wood screws.  Note it is aligned to the back of the frame.attaching secret compartment to the DIY nightstand with drawer

Attach the drawer front leaving 1/8″ spacing around it. See my Beginner’s guide to building drawers for more tricks and tips.


Finally, attach the top to the back of the hidden compartment using Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge Lid Support.

You could regular hinges too but the top is heavy and I lie having the lid support torsion hinges for peace of mind. Attaching the top using lid support hinges.

That’s it! Sand and stain or paint in color of choice!

Did you notice, I did not say fill any holes ?

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