Start with clear Elmer’s Glue – like this
Glue for mermaid slime

Pour Glue into a mixing bowl

Mermaid slime DIY glue

You will sky blue and mint green food coloring – like these here – blue & green

DIY Mermaid Slime Food Coloring

Start by adding a bit of blue coloring to glue

DIY Mermaid Slime Food Coloring

Then mix it into the glue

Next you will want to add in a touch of the mint green coloring

and mix that in with the blue until it forms a nice blue/green coloring

Now you will need a slime activator. Mix together 1/2 tsp of borax with
1 Cup of water (you can do this in a bottle or in a bowl)

DIY Mermaid Slime Borax Activator

Start adding your borax solution to your glue and food coloring mixture and mix
thoroughly until it start to form slime. You will want to add your borax solution slowly
so you don’t add to much

This is what you should have at this point – some fun homemade slime

DIY Mermaid Slime Play

playing with mermaid slime

To transform this into mermaid slime you will need some iridescent glitter similar
to this one right here along with turquoise sequins

DIY Mermaid Slime Glitter

Pour a little bit of each into your homemade slime and mix in

DIY Mermaid Slime Glitter 2

To add more glitter to your magical mermaid slime – grab a few more glitters
in blue, green, rainbow (this is my favorite glitter for this) and iridescent.

Mix a bit of each of those into your DIY slime

DIY Mermaid Slime Glitter

Then with your hands you can mix some more and play with your slime

To give this the magical and mystical mermaid slime effect you can add
these cute little mermaid toys – like these 

DIY Mermaid Slime Mermaid Toys

Add those adorable mermaid tails to the top of your slime

DIY Mermaid Slime Mermaids

You will want to put it into a container with lid & it should look similar to this
at this point. Set it aside for a couple of days so it can get that magical DIY mermaid
slime effect

DIY Mermaid Slime Mermaids 2

After a few days here is what it should look like ❤

Easy Homemade Mermaid Slime


Now you can play with your new DIY mermaid slime!  Or you can give
it as a gift or would also work great as a party favor

How To Make Mermaid Slime

Simple DIY Mermaid Slime

No Liquid Starch DIY Slime

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