dazzling dollar tree finds for teachers

Do you know what made me become a frequent Dollar Tree shopper? It was when I became a classroom teacher! I needed to get my room ready for my first year of full time teaching and I didn’t have much to go on for a budget. Stocking up on book bins, office supplies, and classroom decor all for $1 was my golden ticket.
If you’ve got a list of items you need to keep your classroom running smoothly, chances are you’ll find many of the items at The Dollar Tree. I did a little shopping there a few days ago and I stumbled upon SO many fabulous goodies for teachers I knew I needed to write an ENTIRE blog post about them. So, here I am! Keep in mind that some of these items are seasonal but a majority of the items are offered all year long! ​

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

1. Storage Bins & Baskets Galore!


The Dollar Tree always has loads of bright colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from! I love using these bins and baskets for organizing and storing all my classroom supplies!!


These locker bins are my FAVORITE!! I use them for organizing community supplies like glue sticks, dry erase markers, pencils, highlighters, etc. I also love them for storing books in my classroom library. I added these library pockets from the Target Dollar Spot so I can easily label everything!

2. Snap Storage Cases


These small, kid-friendly snap casesare PERFECT for storing sight words, flash cards, dice, and any other small game pieces you might need for centers or stations.


I like to use them for storing my Emoji Sight Words and Fry Phrases.

3. Pom Poms


I’ve always loved buying these PomPoms from The Dollar Tree! They have large sized poms (two in a pack) or small garlands. I use these to decorate bulletin boards and they’re super cute for hanging over your student tables! You can also easily make your own with tissue paper.

4. Flash Cards


I always stock up on flash cards for easy to assemble centers. I’ve seen phonics flashcards there too! Bonus points if you find these durable little pencil pouches that are perfect for storing them all year long.

5. Birthday Banners


I swear, they get cuter EVERY year!

6. Book Bins and Table Caddies


Can teachers ever have enough of these?! Sadly I never score a large amount of these or all the colors I need or want. BUT, Dollar Tree has them available for purchase online! YAY

7. File Folders


Colorful file folders for the WIN! Plus, are you looking at this GORGEOUS floral design?!?! I couldn’t pass them up!!!

8. Portfolio Folders

THESE ARE MY FAVORITE!!! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell at you. But seriously… How awesome are these?! Store small parts in the zip front and use the interior for papers. These are SO fun for centers. You can order them in bulk here.

9. Dry Erase Pockets


Also great for centers or stations, these dry erase pockets are great for saving you on copies!! Just slip your practice page or worksheet inside and leave some dry erase markers for your students to use! Quick and easy!! Also perfect for practicing handwriting!

10. Multipurpose Learning Resources


I have bought these blank foam dice for years! They are so versatile! I love them for math and phonics. I just write on them with a permanent marker. I use the large dry erase blocks for small group with the teacher! And the jumbo tongs are perfect for fine motor practice!!

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