Creating a simple storage bin using rope and a cardboard box

Function, function, wheres your function in your home? Sing that in the best old school School house rock “conjunction, conjunction whats your function” voice. I like to add function to my home, and sing along to songs, loudly. In case you were wondering about me. Our home is a good size, 2,000 square feet is not too big or too small. Once you add in three kids and two adults worth of stuff things start feeling cramped. Which is why I am always on the lookout to add function everywhere. Creating a simple storage bin using rope and a cardboard box is just one of the many solutions I have used to organize my home.

low cost craft upcycle idea using cardboard

This project is part of a monthly Create and share challenge, for the month of September the theme is rope. This project came together in a round-about way, I had this flat box which I decided to keep instead of recycling it. I liked the size of it and knew it would work for a great storage container or even tray for decor. Then when I realized I had to make something using rope for this challenge it all came together! Yes, I am the type of person that will make something for plans to use it in the future, eventually. I always need baskets, bins and storage ideas… always. So if I see one I like in a store, or have an item I can upcycle into one I do it. Even without a set plan of use, because I am crazy and out of control like that! Watch out, pretty soon I might be cutting the tag off of mattress! Dun, dun, dun!!!

cardboard box upcycle ideas

You cannot get more low cost than using a cardboard box to create storage! This was left over from a trip to Costco, we will ignore the large amount I spent on Costco, which as a family of 5 I am sure you can guess is a pretty penny each time we go. But, I did not go there for the purpose of the box, it was a happy result of the trip. Also, feeding our family. Anyways, back to the DIY simple storage!  

cardboard box craft

I spray painted it white. My initial plan was to put wood planks on the surface of the tray, the interior portion. As I was working on it I came up with a different idea. One with more texture and patterns!

hot glue gun craft

Time for the rope portion of this craft! It is really simple. On a side note, when you are doing this take note of the box. I loved the size of this one, flat, low but big. However, the circles on the sides are a little weird. I made it work, but if you can get a box without any cut out portions.

how to use hot glue gun

Using hot glue gun and putting a line of glue down on the box. Then pressing the rope down.

using hot glue gun

I did this to surround the complete outside of the box. I have seen so many bins, containers and baskets wrapped in rope. It is really trendy right now, but those items can be crazy expensive in stores. This coast me maybe $10, for the massive rope and the paper I am putting on the interior. I love the white rope, it feels coastal to me without being over the top.

coastal and nautical craft ideas

Here is a quick tip for any rope craft, to cut the end of a rope almost always the rope will fray. To keep it from fraying what you have to do is…

crafting with rope

Add standard clear scotch tape to the portion of the rope you want to be the end. Then cut with scissors.

how to cut rope without fraying the end

Once done the rope is cut without it becoming frayed and possibly undone.

rope craft

The storage bin is roped-up!

craft supplies

I had this peel and stick paper from a previous bench redo I did. I love the paper and it is so easy to work with.

fun pattern peel and stick paper

I measured the box and cut the paper down to the correct size. When doing something like this I always cut a little more, to have some excess in case I need to alter it. It is always easier to make a few more cuts over trying to either add more paper or starting over.

peel and stick paper craft ideas

Peel the paper and stick down! Seriously, peel and stick paper is the easiest thing ever! I will be sharing another project this Friday with a different peel and stick paper, be sure to check back in for that one!

DIY storage bin

This is done! I love the pop of dark gray with the fun pattern.


Then the stark and clean white of the rope is the perfect combination.

decorative craft


This is where I had a little fun, also some regret. I had a few different ideas on ways to use this bin. My regret is that I did not make a few more. See, I told you there is always a use for storage bins and baskets. I first set it in my kitchen, to corral my coffee maker and mugs.

easy coffee station for the kitchen

We have limited counter space, so having everything contained like this is really nice. Also, if need be and we are doing a big time cooking job I can simply pick up the whole box and remove it from the counter, with all of it’s items inside.

coffee mug storage ideas

rope bin

I am officially in love with wrapping things in rope! I have so many baskets, bins, boxes and even furniture that this would look great with!

hiding toys in the living room

The other option for this simple storage bin using rope and a cardboard box is to use for some toy storage.

DIY toy storage

My kids are past the “baby” toy phase. They also for the most part have all of their toys in their bedroom. We do have a few puzzles and card games that we keep in the living room for family fun or for a child to play with quietly in the living room. But, I do not want our living room to resemble a play room. Been there, done that, found toys in the refrigerator and the little drawer under the oven. My days of tiny kids and their toys everywhere in the home are over. So having a few select toys in the living room, but out of sight is the way to go.

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